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5400 Sevlievo
19 General Stoletow Str.
G-92 Development Center
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G-92 Developers Group


Vilas is a hybrid 4th generation FTP analyzer.

It is characterized by advanced-guard, intuitive interface,
compliant with the latest requirements for the emotional design (peopleware)*.

* The emotional design (peopleware) is subject to the newest ergonomic requirements. The products that have this design, provoke positive emotions in the work process.

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Hardware and software requirements:

    - Windowsฎ NT X/2000, XP, Vista, Win7 System
    - 512 MB RAM Memory
    - 24 Bit High Color recommended
    - Modem/ISDN or ADSL Adapter
    - 20 MB Hard Disk Space
    - MS-Internet Explorer Browser 8.0/9.x (System Extension)
    - TCP/IP Protocol


The product is conditionally free. It can be used independently or as an element from the set of products, included in the content of the BS NGIT.

All registered users who have bought the product, receive free support for one year.

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