About File Protect System



File Protect System (FPS) is a collection of specialized software solutions to protect critical information.

The application can be used as a standalone solution or as a component of a complex cyber defense system (Black Screen Project).
FPS can convert any computer with an Windows operating system installed to extremely powerful cipher machine as used by special services and government agencies.
To date, FE, LE, and SE versions are available. Full functional versions SPE, PE and EE are distributed according to a special security protocol. This is due to the specific capabilities they provide to end users.

Detailed information on the application can be found in the FPS Product Description.

Technological Solutions

File Protect System unites both proven and non-standard technological solutions.

In practice this is a typical hybrid technology.
Unlike the current trends, FPS is not an open source technology.
Behind the accessible application interface hides many powerful engineering solutions. Many of these are created using a specific mathematical apparatus. Many have been created using specific algorithms based on logical functions. Thus ensuring high reliability and compatibility of end applications.

More on this topic can learn from public reports and Theoretical Basis of FPS.

Guaranteed Anonymity

A major priority in the use of File Protect System is to guarantee the end-user anonymity.

One of the specifics of FPS is that the use of applications does not in any way require customer information. The processes related to activation and maintenance of the systems are realized solely on the basis of a unique user number.
One of the most sought after services we offer is the use of anonymous, multi-channel e-mail. You can learn more about this type of service from BeMail's Technical Documentation.

Development and Maintenance

The development of the software solutions is carried out by a specialized unit in Gate-92 DG (G-92 Developers Group).

G-92 Developers Group is an informal engineering association. The main task of this structure is the joint development of cutting edge cyber defense tools. Established in the 90s of last century, this organization has established a stable structure that enables the realization of strategic projects.
Information on this and other projects can be found on the official website of Gate-92 DG.