File Protect System (FPS) is a semi professional application to encrypt information. The software solution allows you to protect by password or by using a digital object files and directories that you consider important. In case of need, you can unify different files on different physical devices in one security package. This possibility is extremely useful when it is necessary to unify different formats of secret data and their subsequent storage.

Another major advantage of the FPS is the specialized local e-mail client. Through it, you can exchange secure messages with your partners.


Customizable and Easy

Working with FPS does not require special knowledge. The interface is intuitive. Working with the application is very similar to that of File Explorer. Users can choose between a large number of encryption algorithms. Settings can be saved, which allows customization of the system.

Exchange encrypted messages

File Protect System allows users to encrypt their correspondence.  In the LE version, the mail client uses the public service of Microsoft Outlook, but in SE and higher versions, you can use any public or corporate mail server without restrictions. In practice, this allows you to take advantage of Gmail or another on-line resource for exchanging encrypted messages.


Database protection

File Protect System allows the professional protection of databases. After version SE the user can encrypt fields and records in MS SQL, ORACLE, DB II, IB, Firebird, SQLight etc, without disturbing the data structure.


Standard FPS is available for the Windows operating system. Modules working with OS Android are currently available, but they are only provided with a special security protocol. At this time, we do not offer iOS and Linux applications due to current synchronization requirements.