Users Get Access To A Free Version Of File Protect SystemVlad Constantinescu (Softpedia editor)  29 December 2018

FPS-LE  - version

Protect files by locking them under a password in order to restrict access to them with the help of this smart and simple program

Protecting a file for security reasons is the wisest action regarding personal protection. If you work in an environment that exposes your PC to multiple users or you want to move files over platforms that can be hacked, then the best course of action is taking care of the files that contain sensitive information. File Protect System is a smart application that can ensure protection for your files.

Modern-looking and intuitive GUI

Right after the installation, it can be noticed that the interface's skin is dark by default. That is an excellent feature as some users are not enjoying bright colors due to eyes soreness.

Also, the interface has three panes, each one displaying files in different states. From the upper-left pane, you can choose your data destination. The right side panel allows you to open folders and select the files for encryption. The third windows only display the time from the start of the process until the end.

Lock your files in no time

In order to lock a file, you first need to select it. After that, input a password and an output name. The process itself is relatively quick, but this is proportional with the file's size. The larger the file, the longer the time. After a file has been locked, it became unresponsive to execution, and the only way to unlock it is to re-select it inside the app and use the password.

Furthermore, if go to "Tools > Settings" you can change the protection settings and the destination directories for processed items.

Handy and secure files protector

To sum it up, File Protect System is a useful and intuitive tool that lets you lock your files under a password and render them inaccessible after the encryption is done. It can be operated by anybody as it's intuitive enough for people with low technical skills to wrap around it. 

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