Participation in an international conference European Union policy on protection of information and personal data National Military University 11-13 April 2018


Practical Realization Of Post Quantum Methods For Encrypting Information


In this article is presented and discussed different non-traditional approach in the sphere of practical realization of consummate low-budget encryption systems, that use automatically generated set of unique encryption keys, and blocks with variable length. The article also analyses the ressistance of such type encryption systems to brute-force attacks held by quantum computers.


- Low-budget encryption systems (LBES);
 - Defuzzification,
 - Delta Conversion (DC);
 - Unique Super Key (USK);
 - Object-Relational Encryption (ORE);
 - Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

Original title: Практическа реализация на постквантови методи за шифроване на информацията
Page: 187-195
Official document: http://www.aadcf.nvu.bg/scientific_events/papers_is/IS_2018.pdf

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